4 essential places to visit Amsterdam

To visit Amsterdam, you will have no choice but to be open to all the wonders that this beautiful Dutch city will offer you. From its renowned museums, to the cosmopolitanism that its streets give off, without forgetting a boat trip through its many canals.

If there is an urban destination that can be really exciting in the old continent, that is none other than Amsterdam. An exit that you can not leave aside when planning your next trips. Being one of the most cosmopolitan cities of which you can find yourself all over the world , and in which you will never feel foreign due to the kindness of its people. Three hours short of any Spanish airport, many unforgettable places await you to visit Amsterdam, which will remain in the retina of your eyes for a long time. There will be many surprises that this visit will bring to the main Flemish city, and the first of them, the many people who ride their bikes through its beautiful and neat streets. Not in vain, is the favorite means of transport among the Dutch, and the most recommended to visit the city and go to the essential places of this visit. Surely you will have many problems to select the four most representative places and that you can not miss during the visit. The cultural offer that it presents is one of the most powerful in the world. Although if you want to take the pulse of the city, there will be no better recipe than walking quietly through its streets, while you admire the classicism of its buildings, and of course, the endless canals that cross it. From the beginning, you will not be surprised to be called the Venice of the North.

Dam Square

It is the epicenter of the social life of the city , and that in the main square every day gathers countless tourists from around the world portraying it with their cameras, in an almost oppressive way. With the Grand Hotel Kransnapolsky as the main witness of the many historical events that have taken place in this part of Europe. Of course, you will not have any wasting the visit, while you take a smoked herring on its steps to regain strength for what you expect from now on. From this bustling square, you will have at hand a short visit to some of its main monuments there : the Royal Palace, or its famous Obelisk. And you can even take a walk through history entering the Madame Tussauds Museum. All without leaving the most famous urban space in the city. Where you can even plan the next destinations to visit Amsterdam.

Amsterdam canals

One of the main attractions to visit Amsterdam are its canals, which are associated with the history of the city. About 80 kilometers meandering its streets , from north to south, and from west to east, surrounded by water your visit. The best alternative to enjoy them is through the tourist boats that daily make different routes to discover all the corners of the city from another perspective. The first surprise that you will take will be to see how many Dutch people live in the canals, with their boats housing. Some of them are authentic luxury apartments, and you can peek from the tourist barges. During the tour you will admire not only its canals, but bridges and the polychromy of the houses on both sides of the canal. Amsterdam in a pure state, in short.

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Van Gogh Museum

Its there is a name linked to the history of the city, that is none other than Vicent Van Gogh. With one of the most important monothematic museums of the current culture offer that you can find in the world. It houses the collection of works by this exceptional painter in a modernist building. Throughout its three floors, more than 200 original works will be concentrated . “The potato eaters”, “Arles’ bedroom” and a version of “The sunflowers” will be only some masterpieces that you can admire during this tour of the interior of the museum. Anyway, the endless queues will be the main annoyance of this obligatory visit. And if you do not want to waste a lot of time, you will have no choice but to go first thing in the morning. You can even take advantage of the visit to take a pleasant walk through one of the many parks that adjoin this cultural center. It will help you to assimilate the figure of the Dutch artist. Visit Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum


To visit Amsterdam you should not miss an appointment with the largest museum in the country, which houses a large collection of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century . And that is world-famous for including “La Ronda de Noche” by Rembrandt, or “La Lechera” by Johannes Vermeer. But his proposal goes beyond painting, by including Delft ceramic objects, sculptures, engravings and other objects of great artistic relevance. Something you should not miss is to check the majesty of its facade, one of the great symbols of the city, and from where you can go to other hot spots to visit Amsterdam. Not in vain, is located in the center of the city, and where you can go to make other visits, without excessive walking. visit amsterdam: Rijksmuseum
RasMarley Nothing seen in this itinerary will be indifferent, and the biggest debate you can have at night in the pubs is to find out which of these places you liked the most, and why. It will not be strange that in the end you decide on the four alternatives that we propose. Are you willing to accept the challenge?