St. Petersburg . And I start this with a tip. Do not leave this capital of Russia without taking a boat trip on the Neva. Crossing its channels, in some moments you will have the feeling that you are in Venice, but no. The colorful facade of the Hermitage soon places the traveler. And undoubtedly, that picture illuminated by the soft natural light that shines in the late afternoon between the end of June and the beginning of July will be one of the photos of the trip.

Catedral ortodoxa de San Salvador sobre la Sangre Derramada

Orthodox Cathedral of San Salvador on the Spilled Blood Also the golden domes of the picturesque Orthodox cathedral of San Salvador on the Spilled Blood will endanger the battery of the camera. Always compared to the also famous cathedral of St. Basil of Moscow and built in the same place where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 , it is one of the essential visits in this Russian capital.  After the river crossing and the photo shoot, it’s time to go for dinner and for that, it’s best to head for the Nevsky Prospect . Recommend a restaurant ( Pectopah in Russian ) concrete in St. Petersburg, is a difficult task. In this city everything changes very quickly: from one month to the next, in an establishment the owners, the waiters, the cooks, the menu, the prices and even the type of business can completely change.

PecPectopah (restaurant in Russian)

Russian cuisine is rich, and there are restaurants of all nationalities but before sitting at the table it is advisable to check that there is a letter in English. The normal thing is that everything is written in Russian, that is, with Cyrillic alphabet . It is the official language and it is really complex, which makes communication difficult . Also, there is not a lot of people who speak English. The most advisable thing is to create a small dictionary with key words in Russian . Luckily, many fast food chains have recently opened, the ” bistros “. A kind of cafeterias where they serve soups, salads, meats, fish … The problem is that they do not usually have the letter in English either. But the good thing is that the food looks and you can choose to finger. And they are always much cheaper.  Beer Ad in Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg in June and July is wonderful . But be careful, do not let this midnight sun charm you. And do not forget the clock. In St. Petersburg you have to be very attentive to the time, especially those staying on the island Vasilievski , where most of the hotels in the city are located . Between April and October , 22 of the three hundred bridges on the river open daily, between 1 and 4 o’clock in the morning, so that the ships that cross the Neva to the Volga, or return to the Baltic. During that time, some areas such as the aforementioned island are completely isolated . Although the hours of darkness are very few, it is better not to hang up when the light definitely hides after an intense day . So pay attention and remember to return to your hotel before 1am.

Nevski Perspective

Nevski Perspective During white nights, the city also shines with a special light overflowing cultural life . There are more than seventy theaters in St. Petersburg, among which the Mariinsky , named after the Empress Maria Fedorovna, wife of Alexander II, stands out . It is located in the Teatral Plaza, and is the center of cultural life. If you dare to attend a show, try to be a provisor buying the tickets. It is also interesting to consult the Musorgskiy Theater program or the Mikhailovsky . Lovers of classical ballet will surely find some interesting spectacle at the Hermitage Theater, located in one of the museum’s buildings. Respect  Typical dances at the Nicolaevsky Palace. When moving, keep in mind that the St. Petersburg metro is one of the deepest in the world with hidden stations more than 120 meters underground . It is not as impressive as the one in Moscow , but it is just as complicated as all the indications are in Cyrillic.

Saint Petersburg bus

 Saint Petersburg bus Buses, minibuses or trolleybuses are also very convenient to get around. It is paid directly to the collectors who go on board.  Cashier in a bus in Saint Petersburg Another way to get around is in private cars , very typical in this city. To get one you just have to raise your hand and, sure, stop some spontaneous taxi driver eager to pocket a few extra rubles. But … before going up, be sure to negotiate and close the price. Also to buy souvenirs you have to negotiate. Here, bargaining is part of everyday life.