The best of Paris WHY PARIS?

Paris is a city that we always carry in our heart. So from time to time we can not avoid returning and updating data. Well beyond the clichés of the city of love etc. The truth is that here you can come to fall in love, or you can come alone, or you can come to someone who knows someone. It is undoubtedly the city with the most impressive and largest historical center in Europe. His interest is such that one can perfectly devote a week and still miss days. Then we review those practical data that can be very useful and also give a review of those places that have marked us most of this wonderful city.

WHEN TO GO: As we said in other blogs, preferably spring or autumn, in winter it is very cold, and in summer despite what many people think you can spend a lot of heat.
AIRPORT COMPANIES AIR-TRANSPORTATION Paris as you know has 3 main airports, You have to be careful that some low cost companies leave you lying in very distant airports. The Charles de Gaulle is undoubtedly the best, from here you have the following means to get to the city center -The RER B communicates directly the airport with the center approximately in half an hour. The ticket price is € 9.10 and it is also valid to take the metro and get to the hotel. • Schedules of line B are from 4:56 to 00:15 -ROISSY BUS: Bus that connects the airport with the opera square. It’s worth € 10 and it takes 45 to 60 minutes. It happens with a frequency of 15 to 30 min. -BUS: The 305 communicates the airport with the GARE DEL L’EST station

ACCOMMODATION Maybe the easiest part. We always use to find a good hotel at a good price, the platform and we always get it right. This time, we stayed at the Crauzel Hotel, a very well-located little hotel with fantastic views of Montmatre, very well located with fantastic views, economical and well located.

TRANSPORT – THE METRO : To get around the center of Paris, the metro perfectly combines with the RER. The ticket is the same. Timetable from 5:30 to 1:15 on Fridays and Saturdays closes at 2:15 – LA RER: In the center works like the metro with a single ticket. The RER closes before the subway. – BUS: Hours from 7:00 to 20:30 and the main lines run until 00:30. On Sundays and holidays there are many lines that do not circulate. The nocturnes have an N in front of the number and are from 00:30 to 7:00 Types of tickets: – TICKET t +: allows the use of both metro, bus, RER and funicular. Allows unlimited transfers between Metro and RER (within Paris) between bus lines and trams (except T4). The limitations: Not being able to make transfers between the metro network, and the buses and not being able to get on the same bus line NOTE : this is a bit confusing, because according to what you read, it allows unlimited transfers and then says no. The issue is that in Paris the line changed involves going around, so this would mean 2 tickets but attention because there are transfers where you do not have to go around so 1 ticket would be worth for the 2 lines. The duration of a ticket is 90 minutes, can be bought at the windows and subway machines, RER … The price of the single is € 1.70 and the price of € 10.70. – PARIS VISIT : It serves to mount in everything, there are 1, 2, 3 and 5 days. The computation of days are counted complete days indistinctly of the time at which it begins to be used. It is also acquired by zones 1-3 or 1-5. Prices: 1 day: € 9.75, 2 days: € 15.85, 3 days: € 21.60 – PASSE NAVIGO : It is a weekly subscription, which goes from Monday to Sunday, if you are interested for a week. -BATOBUS: It’s the ship that goes by the Seine, it costs € 15 from 10:00 to 19:00

FOOD AND PRICES As you can see throughout this post, prices in both the Latin Quarter and Montmatre range around € 12 on the menu, with starter, first and dessert. The house wine, usually goes by size in prices of 5, 10, 15 and 20 € Coffee (only) in bar costs € 1

HEALTH AND SAFETY As always the European health card. And with regard to security, because the common sense to be a big city must always have an alert eye in case, but without being overwhelmed, it is quite safe.

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For 3 days

Start by taking a long walk through the Champs Elysees, look at the people, the shops etc. Until you reach the Arc de Triomphe, and finally head towards the Trocadero. Of course, you have to visit the Eiffel Tower. If you only go three days we do not recommend you to go up since you can easily leave one tomorrow. From the top of the Arc de Triomf the views are similar and there are not so many queues.

The next day direct to Notre Dame, is located on an island hugged by the Seine, the island of Cite, built between the twelfth and twelfth centuries, superb only lacked to speak is noted over the centuries, it is as if you were looking at a Senior person to the face, transmits wisdom, although it is true that in Spain there are a few cathedrals that have nothing to envy but it is not about making comparisons that is a bit of caciques. Once you finish you have to know in depth the Latin Quarter one of the places – together with Monmatré – more impressive. IMG 0107  

Kicking and kicking is the best, you will come across emblems such as Place de la Concorde, the Magdalena church, National Assembly, Alexandre III bridge

Finally visit the neighborhood of Monmatre and majestic Sacre Coeur.
For three days it is already a lot and it will depend on whether it is winter or summer that always spreads more.
MORE THAN THREE DAYS In addition to the above, add -according to days- Luxembourg Gardens, Chinatown, Pantheon, flea market of the Place Monge, Jardin des Plantes, Place des Vosges and the house of Victor Hugo, area of ​​La Defense, called as the financial zone, Palais Royal


There are many but we love: I MAGNIFY the Museum of Modern Art (Palais de Tokyo) which is a little further on the other side of the Seine,
Pompidou Center. Once there we ask how much the entrance costs, the price is € 13 but they tell us that to see it in conditions are 6h and close at 9:00 p.m.
EL LOUVRE , the complex stands on what was once a fortress, has undergone various modifications throughout history, the acclaimed Da Vinci Code made famous its glass pyramid. It is very important if you do not have many days to be clear about what you want to see as it is impossible to see everything in one day or two or three, has renowned works such as the Venus del Milo, La Gioconda and the Virgin of the Rocks, etc. etc. etc.


CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES , just over 10km westwards, the Palace of Versailles rests, owing its splendor to the famous King of the Sun, Louis XIV. To get there, take the RER C line to Versailles Rive Gauche, 35min about 7 € i / v.
There are two types of entrance, one for the palace for about € 12 and another for the gardens for about € 5, we recommend both, the palace is magnificent, it takes all morning to see it and after lunch visit the gardens, you can rent bicycles, which is a very good idea,

DISNEYLAND PARIS , – as not- to get there you have to take the RER line A in the direction of Marne la Vallace / Chessy, it costs 16 € i / v and it takes about 35min, you do not have lost it is the last station and then you follow the whole world and you arrive immediately, otherwise yes, it is a theme park, who likes the theme parks will love, nowadays, we recommend it only for children. Who cares you can stay there and spend several days, for this we recommend the page cited in the accommodation section.

CONCLUSION .- You see, Paris, it lasts for much more than a week, it is very easy to arrive from any part of the planet, its infrastructure is unique, it is not expensive -in spite of what you think- especially when compared to London or New York and we assure you that it will provide you with a satisfaction and memories that will last in you for the rest of the times. But you will tell us.

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