Wineries and tastings in the Mendoza region. Argentina

Wineries like Trapiche, which keeps that beautiful industrial aesthetic with the train tracks where wine once circulated from Mendoza to Buenos Aires as a protagonist. There are ultramodern, avant-garde temples. Some even house art museums such as Salentein wineries with these barrels housed in millimeter-sized steel and glass temples and with their own hotel, an exception in the area because there are not many wineries with accommodation.  Casks in the Salentein winery There are some where they offer you to enjoy the wine by doing several tastings, they offer you the possibility of going out to harvest (in February, March… do not forget that Argentina is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to the European ones). Or fun and original activities such as horseback riding among vineyards, one of the proposals of Viña Cobos winery . Routes in carriages or in old motorcycles with sidecar! … as they offer in Finca las Lechuzas. Ah, also points to the option of going from cellar to cellar by bicycle, the latest trend in the area. Riding among vineyards

Riding among vineyards If you like golf attentive also to Atamisque winery’s proposal: play in a nine-hole course and end the day with a personalized tasting. Appetite truth? One of the holes of the Atamisque winery:

One of the holes of the Atamisque winery It is important to emphasize that almost all wineries have restaurants and that is a key detail because the best thing about Mendoza is not just the quality of its grapes and its wines. The bewitching power of wine is multiplied if you accompany it with exquisite dishes, that is, a good ” pairing “. And the gastronomy of Mendoza is the ideal partner to make those pleasures a reality.

The gastronomic offer is rich

 The gastronomic offer is abundant and of quality For example, do not leave the region without trying a good barbecue . My proposal, reserve one in the Norton winery, where I have had the luck to taste one and recommend the experience. A typical Argentine who marries well with the wines of the region and who will offer you in many wineries. Many wineries in Mendoza has a restaurant with views of the vineyards

Many wineries in Mendoza has a restaurant with views of the vineyards And of course, do not miss visiting Mendoza capital. Beautiful town where you will not only find hotels with international chains but also a cozy city where you can stop and eat, shop. With a wide cultural offer and a lot of nightlife. If you decide to install your camp in Mendoza, my proposal is to rent a car to move from cellar to cellar (or a bicycle) but important, always call before the visit and remember that the reservation for lunch or dinner is mandatory.

Pedaling from cellar to cellar is an option

To organize your stay, do not forget to visit the Rutas del Vino website where you will find information about wineries open to visitors. And about companies that organize activities.  Pedaling from cellar to cellar is an option If you liked the proposal and you dare to savor this region of Argentina, keep in mind that the best way to get to the interior of Argentina is by flying to Santiago de Chile (Lan Chile operates this route with good offers). And once there take a connection to Mendoza. As I have been told by those who make this trip frequently (many entrepreneurs and businessmen related to the world of wine) this is without a doubt the best combination.