The Republic of San Marino isn’t as well-known for tourism as its European neighbors, but its distinctive features keep travelers coming back. Renowned cuisine, attractive medieval old town and intriguing history provide enough motivation to plan a second visit to the hilly microstate surrounded by north-central Italy.

Additionally, the surprising array of eerie museums, such as the Torture Museum, which takes visitors on a journey through human cruelty, and the Curiosities Museum, among others, make a trip to San Marino an otherworldly adventure.

ten The Torture Museum

The Torture Museum, which takes visitors on a journey through human brutality, houses a collection of over 100 real instruments of torture from the 16th and 17th centuries. It also features philological reconstructions from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as an iron chair and Spanish spiders. All of these machines amaze visitors and inspire discussions about the complexity of torture systems. While visiting the museum can be a terrifying experience, it also provides an essential education in the horrors committed by those in positions of authority in a state.


9 Museum of Curiosities

Expect entertainment, unusual artifacts, and enlightenment as you visit the Museum of Curiosities. The museum has a unique collection of more than 100 original objects, which were generally used in the past but today look unusual and bizarre. People who set world records are on display, among other weird things. There is the woman with the thinnest waist, a nose watch, and the first shower with two jets of water, one from the top and one from the bottom, to shower and wash the private parts simultaneously.

8 Creatures of the Night Museum – Vampires and Werewolves

The Museum of Creatures of the Night, located in the old quarter of San Marino, takes visitors in search of the most fantastical figures that have always frightened the human psyche, such as the werewolf, ghosts and bloodsuckers . Inside is a fascinating exhibit tracing some of the history and beliefs of European cultures, in particular the legends of two disturbing phenomena, lycanthropy and vampirism. From Dracula to Nosferatu, from the vampire of London to the Countess Bathory, it’s a journey through the most legendary figures of horror cinema.

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seven Titanus Museum

The Titanus Museum is a fully multimedia museum that tells the millennial history of San Marino, from prehistory to the present day. The life of San Marino, the struggle for independence, the wars and the challenges of the 21st century come to life through projections, 3D images and holograms. The owners recommended visiting the Titanus Museum as the first stop on a trip to San Marino so that when walking through the streets one quickly recognizes the monuments, palaces and other places leading to the appreciation of the beauty from the country. .

  • Address:
    Contrada Santa Croce, 20, 47890 Citta di San Marino

  • Website:

6 Emigrant Museum

San Marino underwent enormous emigration between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Thousands of San Marino residents left the castles of the Republic in an attempt to escape poverty, embarking on the difficult and miserable journey of emigration to other countries. The Emigrant Museum aims to convey their story and share their experience through photos, articles and objects.

5 Wax Museum

Visitors entering the Wax Museum of San Marino step back in time to the world’s most significant moments. Inside are forty historical events represented by one hundred reconstructed wax figures in period clothing, allowing visitors to experience the atmosphere and settings of the world’s most crucial historical periods. The museum features historical figures such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Giuseppe Garibaldi, among others.

4 The State Museum of San Marino

The State Museum of San Marino, founded in the second half of the 19th century, houses around 5,000 historical and artistic artifacts from San Marino and other places related to its history. The first level is dedicated to the archeology of San Marino. On the second floor are important works of art, many of which adorn the city’s municipal palaces and religious structures.

  • Address:
    Piazzetta del Titano, 1, 47890 Città di San Marino

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3 The Museum of Stamps and Coins

One of the newest museums in the country is the Stamp and Currency Museum, housed in the former philatelic and numismatic office in the historic center of the city. It has a structure of 700 square meters on two floors and houses almost a century and a half of emissions and materials from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.

  • Address:
    Piazzetta Giuseppe Garibaldi, 5, 47890 Città di San Marino

  • Website:

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2 Pinacoteca San Francesco Museum

The Pinacoteca San Francesco Museum, founded in 1361 in a historic architectural ensemble, is linked to the church of the same name and near the monastery of the Franciscan friars. Works by Guercino, Gerolamo Marchesi da Cotignola, and Nicol Liberatore from the 16th century stand beneath the colonnade of the historic Franciscan monastery, which dates back to 1400.

  • Address:
    Via Basilicius, 33, 47890 City of San Marino,

  • Website:

The art gallery houses over 750 paintings from the early 20th century to the present day. Among the various forms of artistic expression are paintings, sketches, watercolours, sculptures and photographs. Works by internationally renowned artists like Renato Guttuso, Corrado Cagli, Enzo Mari and others can be found inside.

  • Address:
    Logge dei Volontari, Giardino dei Liburni, 47890 Città di San Marino

  • Website:


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