The Museum of Illusions has become a global hit as a family activity that truly appeals to all ages. The original project was launched in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 and has gradually become a global attraction in many major cities as its popularity continues to grow. Part fun and part educational, the museum’s immersive exhibits place visitors in mind-bending illusions and, at the same time, educate them about how the human brain processes vision and perception. Here’s a list of illusion museums around the world that are worth fitting into any itinerary in these cities, as a visit to the museum usually only takes about an hour.

ten Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Museum of Illusions sits in the middle of perhaps the city’s most famous street, Istiklal Caddesi, which is full of tourist attractions as it is nestled between Taksim Square and the Galata Tower. This makes the museum’s more than 60 illusions a great option for a fun afternoon group activity when those visiting Istanbul inevitably spend time crossing this street.

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9 Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Museum of Illusions is another of the world’s sites to discover if you are in China. This location features many of the usual types of illusion exhibits and also has a room full of what they call dilemma games, consisting of over 80 challenging games of different types of puzzles and brain teasers available purchase.

8 Madrid, Spain

Travelers visiting the capital of Spain and looking for a light and fun activity taking a break from the usual attractions can find a Museum of Illusions location very close to Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. What better break from the hustle and bustle of the Spanish streets could there be other than an anti-gravity room or a vortex tunnel?

seven Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has another location of the Museum of Illusions in its Al Hamriya district which is along the Dubai Creek tourist spot. When the family is visiting the long list of attractions around Dubai Creek, such as Old Dubai and various souks, the museum is a great place for a little break from the sun.

6 Busan, South Korea

Travelers to Busan should note that a museum of illusions could fit perfectly into a program of exploring museums while exploring the city. This location is on the coast of Busan, conveniently located next to the captivating Museum 1, Busan Art Museum and GoEun Museum of Photography.

5 Athens, Greece

Some of the many tourists passing through Athens may enjoy the addition of visiting this museum. Located in the heart of Athens, travelers to the area can feed off the stimulation of Monastiraki Square and all the awe-inspiring ruins like the Acropolis before putting their brains to the test at the Museum of Illusions.

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4 New York, United States

This museum location is in Manhattan’s quaint West Village neighborhood, among historic buildings, tons of restaurants, and hip places to visit. A visit to the Museum of Illusions while exploring these quaint streets is a great way to shake things up for a day in New York.

3 Cairo, Egypt

Travelers visiting Cairo’s world-famous sights surely have plenty of options to occupy themselves with, but a visit to this location of the Museum of Illusions could add some interesting variety to their trip. Exploring the desert terrain and great pyramids provides a pleasantly contrasting backdrop to colorful experiences like the Infinity Hall of Mirrors.

2 New Delhi, India

The capital of India, New Delhi, is home to another museum of illusions, which is also the first museum of optical illusions in India. The museum offers a great alternative for families spending a day in New Delhi looking for indoor entertainment.

1 Budapest, Hungary

The heart of Budapest is home to a museum of illusions located right in the middle of the action. Budapest offers plenty of opportunity for quiet admiration of its cathedrals and other historical monuments, so a visit here offers a good wake-up session for the mind after wandering through the illusion rooms and testing its ability to solve puzzles before doing a ride on the convenient Budapest Ferris wheel across the street.


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