AKRON, Ohio – The Akron Art Museum will host the nationally curated exhibition, “State of the Art: Constructs” from November 12 to February 26, 2023.

“’State of the Art: Constructs’ was curated by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the curators there set out to do nothing less than encapsulate the art being made today through the entire United States. It’s certainly a lofty goal, but the exhibit lives up to our present moment with its variety and vibrancy,” said Akron Museum of Art Associate Curator Jeff Katzin.

Research from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art produced a diverse group of 61 artists. “State of the Art: Constructs” features a curated selection of 21 artists from the original group, including two Northeast Ohio locals: Amy Casey and Lori Kella.

Works in the exhibition include large-scale installations, immersive video projections, and live performances that address topics such as global conflict, environmental issues, and personal identity. Their works represent nature, objects, humans, animals and spirits. Although the works present different perspectives, backgrounds and mediums, they offer the artists’ perspectives on contemporary life.

“Thematically, the works address equally monumental subjects, from global environmental issues to the complex complexities of personal identity. Collectively, the tone is optimistic – the artists seem to suggest that if humans constructed the ideas we all live with, then we can also deconstruct those ideas for scrutiny, and even reconstruct them to build ourselves a path forward,” Katzin said. cleveland.com.

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