ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania – Alteronce Gumby: Dark Matter invites the curious to explore a mercurial relationship between color and light.

“When the UV lights come on, you can see the paintings in a different kind of light and get a new perspective, see new colors and have a new experience,” said artist Alteronce Gumby.

The medium for this experience is a symphony of tempered glass and gemstones, inspired by Gumby’s fascination with Sir Isaac Newton’s prism experiment and the majesty of the cosmos.

Each piece interacts with the audience, changing color as their perspective changes.

“I think my paintings really invite you to dance with them, they want you to get up close, they want you to investigate them,” Gumby said.

Extended tags offer easter eggs into the social and political meanings behind each artwork. All of these layers explain why Gumby is considered a rising star in the contemporary art world, whose works can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Allentown Art Museum officials say they are delighted to host his first solo exhibition at the museum.

“A museum like the Allentown Art Museum can really impact, positively impact an artist’s career at a key inflection point in their career, so a museum’s first solo exhibition is one most monumental moments for an emerging artist,” said Max Weintraub, president and CEO of the Allentown Museum of Art.

Aletronce Gumby: Dark Matter runs until April 9.

Gumby will talk about his work at a special event at the museum on November 12.


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