“We are delighted to present this unusual project,” he said. “Miniature golf is currently experiencing a resurgence.”

Golf holes feature a variety of themes ranging from social commentary and environmental issues to showcasing optical illusions or retro designs.

“There’s a mix of voices (in this show),” Jobson said. He added that it took about two weeks to make the full set-up for the show, which opened in October. The exhibit was actually supposed to open earlier than it did, but the pandemic delayed it.

Baker from Valparaiso, who has been a painter for over 30 years, said he was honored to be part of the exhibition. The golf hole he designed is titled “Pinball Golf: An American Life”. The hole mixes the concepts of golf and pinball games and uses pins, fins and targets.

“It seemed like a great idea and a fun experience,” Baker said of his selection to design a golf hole. He added that it is an exhibit that many visitors can relate to.

“Everyone in the world has probably been to a mini golf space,” Baker said.

Baker’s artistic golf hole, he said, was completed before the pandemic.

“I wanted to create this with the idea of ​​combining a game of pinball with a game of miniature golf,” he said. Baker originally had six golf grips when created, but eliminated four. He thought the concept was “fantastic” but the execution was “a little difficult” with the six handles.


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