SRINAGAR: The Department of Archives, Archeology and Museums has launched a week-long clean-up campaign as part of the Jammu and Kashmir government’s ‘iconic week’ celebration.

The event, observed from October 23-29, contemplates a series of cleanliness activities to promote hygiene and proper sanitation in and around heritage sites, shrines, temples, Gurdwaras, churches and other religious destinations.

During this week-long initiative, cleanliness campaigns are carried out to remove debris, damaged objects and waste from sites of historical and architectural significance. In addition, these campaigns are carried out to make the general public aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in and around heritage structures for their proper maintenance and preservation.

“It must be a social and moral responsibility of each citizen to keep their cultural heritage clean and intact for posterity”, declared one of the departmental officials.

The campaign is being carried out in collaboration with SMC, Srinagar, the relevant district municipality, relevant schools and colleges, residents, auqaf / trusts of shrines, temples, Gurdwaras and churches.

So far, the campaign has been carried out in various heritage structures such as Ambhigouri Temple at Hariparbhat Fort, Samadi of Maharaja Pratap Singh, Rambagh Srinagar, Samadhi of Maharaja Gulab Singh, Rambagh Srinagar, Jenab Sahib Masjid , Soura, Naqashband Sahab Srinagar shrine, Hazgarratbal shrine. , Amar Singh College Heritage Building, Gogjibagh Srinagar, Gousiya Shareef Sarai Payeen Srinagar, Women’s College Heritage Building / Office Block MA Road Srinagar, Women’s College Laboratory Class Room, MA Road Srinagar, Tomb Of Dedmari Malkha Nowhatta Sgr, Makhdoom Sahib Nowhatta Srinagar, Mughal Masjid Khanpur Sarai Chadora, Budgam, Tyndal Bisco lalchowk Srinagar school building and Lal Bab Sahib Srinagar shrine.



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