Tourism Secretary Captain (Retired) Mushtaq Ahmad held a meeting with officials from the Agha Khan Cultural Society of Pakistan (AKCSP) at the Tourism Department. Kamran Lashari, Touseef Ahmed (AKCSP CEO), Rashid Makdoom (conservation expert), Wajahat Ali (conservation architect) and Christopher Bouleau (museum expert) were all present on the occasion.

During the meeting, it was discussed the formation of a committee with two to three experts from each department working as a team. “The preservation of heritage is as important as the rest of things,” said the Secretary of Tourism.

“We have such a rich heritage that it should not be wasted, the museums located in Lahore and Taxila have enormous importance both nationally and internationally. We need to train our staff through capacity building, ”he added.

He called on the officials concerned to take immediate action for the restoration of the Taxila museum. He also insisted on the need for collaboration between the departments concerned in order to build synergies and create value.

“The Tourism Department is committed to working on the restoration of museums and other places of historical significance across the province. We strive to preserve a rich heritage for future generations. To this end, efforts are underway to draft a law on Lahore museums, ”he noted.

In addition, participants discussed ways to improve hygiene and sanitation facilities in Hazuri Bagh. The restoration of Kharak Singh Haveli was also discussed during the meeting.



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