NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – For those looking for something to do over the weekend, the Frist Art Museum offers a time travel experience to the Middle Ages.

Over 100 rare artifacts, including full armour, mounted equestrian figures, helmets, swords and other weapons tell the story of the European knight from the Middle Ages and Renaissance through to the medieval revival of the 19th century .

The exhibit features examples of European arms and armor from the collection of the Museo Stibbert in Florence, Italy.

Battle armor, stylishly decorated horses that led men into battle, and fun competitions at the time offered a rare and authentic opportunity in Nashville.

“It can be color, gold, they just show a lot of skill in the way it’s deliberately designed,” executive director Seth Feman said.

The exhibition explains the historical and functional background of weapons and armor of the time.

The first art museum included the placement of a knight on the streets of Nashville. The knight was placed at Fannie Mae’s Dragon Park near Vanderbilt.

The museum will also host family activities. The Frist Art Museum will be offering a tour that will take children down the path of chivalry through the eyes of a knight named Marco.

Kids can also design tournament shields, fashion horse armor, animate mythical creatures, build block castles and more.

Another is weights designed for you to carry, so you could feel how heavy the armor really was.

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