Written by Lauren Lamb on November 16, 2021


Miami-Dade County has several museums and events to keep busy this fall and the upcoming holiday season.

The Miami Design Preservation League is hosting the Art Deco Weekend January 14-16 on Ocean Drive. Due to the pandemic, last year was the first year she has been unable to physically stand in 43 years. It is an event to showcase the Art Deco buildings of South Beach.

The league will also host a four-day lecture on the late Miami architect Morris Lapidus, “Beauty and the Beach,” today (11/18). It’s free, but places are limited. It will include a panel of three architects, Allan Shulman, Jean-Francois Lejeune and Ira Giller, to showcase Lapidus’ “MiMo”, or modern Miami style.

Gold Coast Railway begins winter with Walt Disney’s Railroad Story on November 20. Joseph Bopp, Disney railroad engineer, tour guide and author of “A View From the Cab & Transport Legend,” will recount the train ride as he reviews the slides. Walt Disney’s work on the Carolwood Pacific Railroad at his home and shows exclusive train models. The event will cost $ 25 per person.

In addition to a Disney experience, there is a “Ghost Hunting on the Rails: Paranormal Bootcamp” train that takes off on December 4th for $ 50 per person. There will be a team to teach the riders up-to-date ghost hunting equipment, then experience a bootcamp for the rider to act as an investigator, a course on ghost hunting and investigate at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum.

The Black Archives Historic Lyric Theater will welcome comedian Flame Monroe to the GlassHouse Comedy Experience on December 17. Monroe was featured in the Netflix comedy series “Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready,” Kevin Hart’s Amazon Prime comedy special, “Hart of the City.”

GlassHouse will also include local comedian Chello Davis. The Black Archives Historic Lyric Theater will be a free presentation of the monthly Lyric Live talent show during Soul Basel from December 1-5 featuring 11 local artists in their local theater plaza.

The Museum of the Wolfsonian-Florida International University is holding an exhibition titled “Shameless” presenting the work of art, on the ground floor of the Wolfsonian, by Bas van Beek for the first time in America from November 19 to April 24 . Eclectic and colorful ‘Shameless’ range of materials by Dutch designer Bas van Beek, from tapestries to kettles, prompts us to reflect on how familiar and historical design artefacts can be transformed into entirely new objects with new functions, ”a said curator Silvia Barisione.

“Aerial Vision” is another upcoming event also from November 19 to April 24 at the Wolfsonian-FIU. “It examines new perspectives and the range of emotional responses to the wave of inventions at the turn of the 20th century,” said curator Lea Nickless. “Although much has changed in the 100 years that have passed since then, the exhibits on display demonstrate a lingering sense of optimism and apprehension in the face of the rise of new technologies in all generations,” said Mr. Nickless. Some objects include large-scale paintings, drawings, magazine covers, and prints.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights by making holiday cocktails at the Florida-FIU Jewish Museum’s event “Get Lit: Menorahs and Martinis”. Focusing on three cocktails, all kosher and one non-alcoholic, Dammara Kovnats Hall, a professor of Jewish studies in Manhattan, worked as a mixologist while studying in Manhattan. She then obtained a master’s degree in Jewish education while in Israel. It will take place online December 14 at 7 p.m.

On December 5, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., the annual Klezmer music concert featuring “Heavy Shtetl”, a Jewish congregational reconstruction group. Tickets will be $ 18 for the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU and $ 25 for non-members. The event is sponsored by the Norman family and Sylvia Levine.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are hosting its annual “dinner and movie” event on January 15th. The meal has a theme that corresponds to the film being screened.

“We invite families with young children to the event. This is the perfect time for them to come and explore the village of Vizcaya, ”said Alejandra Serna, Director of Marketing and Communications for Vizcaya.

Vizcaya Late: Holiday Evening is an event that will be held on December 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The estate will be lighted and will have historic decor for the holiday season as if the residence was in the 1920s.



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