Detail of “Thick” by Jennifer Ling Datchuk | Courtesy of Seale Photography Studios

Take one last look or take a first look at the opening and closing of the museum’s exhibits and facilities in Greater Houston in October 2021.

This month sees the close of at least a half-dozen exhibits, including two vibrant Blaffer art installations, an exhibit across the spectrum at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, an inclusive exhibit that provides a platform to the voices of the local community at the Holocaust Museum Houston, and Suite.

In some of the city’s largest institutions, major exhibitions are held in October. The Menil Drawing Institute is unveiling three of them this month, along with new inclusions at the Moody Center for the Arts, a fringe arts festival at MATCH, and three major exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

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A detail from “Into Bondage” by Aaron Douglas | Courtesy of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts

First Look: 13 Exhibitions open in Houston this month

  • Series of wall drawings: Marcia Kure at the Menil Drawing Institute | Friday October 1 to August 2022 | FREE – The Drawing Institute on the Menil Campus adds another site-specific installation on its entrance wall, this time with the work of Marcia Kure, a Nigerian-born artist who explores concepts of colonial heritage and diasporic identities in his wall designs which incorporate the use of natural herbal pigments like cola nuts, indigo, coffee and charcoal.
  • Later, longer, less: the work of Jennifer Ling Datchuk at the Houston Contemporary Craft Center | Saturday 2 October to Saturday 8 January 2022 | FREE – Chinese-American artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk uses traditional blue and white porcelain sculptures, large-scale multimedia installations, and video performances to critique the realities of women’s access and liberation.
  • Copy culture: fanzines created and shared at the Houston Contemporary Craft Center | Saturday 2 October to Saturday 8 January 2022 | FREE – Showcasing zines and pop-ups from Texas and beyond, this exhibit explores the community, history and practice of self-proclaimed “zinesters,” who use collage and repurposed content to deliver a wide range of styles and platforms .
  • Solipsism by John Slaby at Archway Gallery | Saturday October 2 to Thursday November 4 2021 | FREE – Over the past three years, artist John Slaby has produced a series of self-portraits that are now on display, in addition to other works that venture into the hallucinatory madness of quarantine isolation. All works will be offered in a silent auction, with 50% of the proceeds going to local mental health charities.
  • Moody Project Wall: Gerardo Rosales at the Moody Center for the Arts | From Friday 15 October to Friday 21 January 2022 | FREE – By launching a new series at Moody, artist Gerardo Rosales will take over the important Project Wall at the center of the building, creating a large-scale temporary design that studies how popular myths and spiritual traditions of southern culture America are fueled by socio-political factors. The factors.
  • 2021 Houston Fringe Festival at MATCH | From Friday October 15 to Sunday October 17 – Over a weekend, the Houston Fringe Festival hosts three packed evenings of dance, music, film, storytelling, drag and performance art featuring a unique roster of fringe artists. Admission for a single night is $ 15 in advance, $ 20 at the door, free for ages 10 and under. Weekend passes cost $ 35 plus fees. Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. Sunday 7:30 p.m.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe, photographer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | From Sunday October 17 to Monday January 17 2022 – The Modernist painter has a well-established aesthetic in her paintings of enlarged flowers, skyscrapers and landscapes of the southwest, although her photography practice, which she began in the 1950s, is one less explored from his work as an artist. This unique exhibition seeks to understand his work as a photographer in the context of his long career. Included with general admission.
  • Afro-Atlantic stories at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | From Sunday October 24 to Monday January 17 2022 – In over 130 works of art spanning the 17th to the 21st century, this exhibition brings together a wide range of artistic mediums to explore the history and legacy of the transatlantic slave trade. Visitors can gain valuable insights through works that range from neoclassical art to the Harlem Renaissance and contemporary works by artists such as Melvin Edwards, Ibrahim Mahama and Kara Walker. Included with general admission.
  • Draw like a machine: Pop Art, 1952-1975 at the Menil Drawing Institute | From Friday 29 October to Sunday 13 March 2022 | FREE – Through works by Roy Lichtenstein, Marjorie Strider, Leon Polk Smith and others, this exhibition explores the 20th century American pop movement, which incorporated the style and process of advertising at the time to produce images with a high degree of technical finish but very different intention.
  • Raising awareness of space: the drawings form the permanent collection at the Menil Drawing Institute | From Friday 29 October to Sunday 13 March 2022 | FREE – This exhibition shows the inventive ways in which artists from the mid-1950s to today have tried to represent space, through physical forms and intelligent technique, with works by Trisha Brown, Sol LeWitt, Dorothea Rockburne and others.
  • Blacklist: Hollywood’s Red Fear at the Holocaust Museum in Houston | From Friday 29 October to Sunday 20 February 2022 – HMH examines the 1940s period when Congress called on Hollywood screenwriters and filmmakers to defend themselves against allegations of Communist propaganda dissemination, which led the industry to create an auto “blacklist” -imposed to be used against employees who maintained political beliefs contrary to dominant orthodoxies.
  • Calder-Picasso at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | From Sunday 31 October to Sunday 30 January 2022 – Conceived by the grandsons of the two artists, this exhibition brings together works from several disciplines to explore how American artist Alexander Calder and Spanish artist Pablo Picasso focused and expressed the concept of space. Tickets, which include general admission, cost $ 23 for adults; $ 18 for 13 to 18 and 65 and over; free for children 12 and under.
  • Molly Zuckerman-Hartung: Comic relief at the Blaffer Art Museum | Sunday October 31 to Sunday March 13 2022 | FREE – Emerging from the underground feminist punk scene of the 1990s known as Riot Grrrl, artist and writer Molly Zuckerman-Hartung has developed an artistic aesthetic that investigates and critiques the overall structures of society through creative resistance and clever reinventions of painting practices. This exhibition also represents the first major museum investigation into the artist’s work.

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“Mops” by Gerardo Rosales, exhibited at “Stand: Latinx Art in Time of Conflict” at the Holocaust Museum Houston | Photo: Justin Jerkins / 365Houston

Last Chance: 6 Exhibitions in Houston close this month

  • In residence: 14th edition at the Houston Contemporary Craft Center | Ends Saturday October 9, 2021 | FREE – The annual exhibition of resident artists at HCCC presents works in paper, metal, clay, fiber and stone by 7 artists; Chloe Darke, Abbie Preston Edmonson, Hong Hong, Hillerbrand + Magsamen, Stephanie Robison, Michael Velliquette and Kirstin Willders.
  • Resisting: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict at the Holocaust Museum in Houston | Ends Sunday, October 17, 2021 – The museum’s first jury exhibit brings together 100 multimedia works of art by Houston Latinx artists who explore themes of social justice and human rights. Specific axes include border relations, gender roles, domestic violence, the experience of immigrants and social and political unrest.
  • Jagdeep Raina: Obligations at the Blaffer Art Museum | Ends Sunday October 24, 2021 | FREE – In writings, paintings, weavings and videos, Jagdeep Raina illustrates and reinvents stories and scenes from the Kashmiri and Sikh diaspora of Punjab. This exhibition showcases some of Raina’s works from the past six years in what marks their first solo presentation in a museum in the United States.
  • Martine Gutiérrez: Radiant fit at the Blaffer Art Museum | Ends Sunday October 24, 2021 | FREE – This investigation into the work of Guatemalan-American artist, Martine Gutierrez, questions the ways in which sexuality and style are socially constructed and propagated through popular media.
  • Joel McGlasson at the Jung Center | Ends Saturday October 30, 2021 | FREE – Artist who put his career on hold to become an architect, Joel McGlasson returned to painting after his retirement in 2011, using different techniques to explore the expressive forms of abstract painting. The Jung Center is hosting this retrospective of his work over 50 years of work.
  • Houston Earth Day Artist Murals in Discovery Green | Halloween ends, Sunday, October 31, 2021 | FREE – To celebrate Earth Day 2021, 13 Houston artists have been selected to create murals around the park that envision the hope of a future Houston and inspire us to create that common future together. Featured artists include DUAL, Melissa Aytenfisu, Kill Joy, Max Guarnaccia, Meenr and others.

Click here to see other installations and exhibits currently in the Greater Houston Museums.

Photographs exhibited in “Radiant Cut” by Martine Gutierrez | Courtesy of the Blaffer Art Museum

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