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November 6, 2021 | 11:05

It is very important that we Filipinos know our history, a history full of tales of the heroism and selfless sacrifice of our ancestors for the freedom and democracy of our country. This pushes the Philippine Veterans Office (PVAO) in pursuit of its mission to commemorate our great historical past and to propagate the heroic deeds of our veterans.

At the same time, the PVAO believes that museums are important in the propagation of history. National museums are knowledge-based with corresponding collections and exhibits that articulate and represent the dominant national values ​​that form the basis of nation-building and dynamic nation-forming.

As we continue to institutionalize reforms for the propagation of our country’s great historical past, PVAO has mapped its Kagitingan Builders program. Efforts and initiatives to propagate the heroic deeds of our veterans are being made through the establishment of “Love for Country Builders” – developing our national military shrines as centers or hubs of the great historical past. of our country. The centerpiece of these historical markers are the museums that preserve, protect and promote the collective memory, knowledge and history of the nation.

Our new concept of museum development is to have interactive and experiential platforms and not simple static exhibitions and images from the past. Thus, we want to bring our citizens to the shrines, especially the young people who are the hope of our nation. In doing so, our national military sanctuaries are developed into tourist destinations, capitalizing on the combined message of a beautiful history and a beautiful landscape. “

Of note, the Mount Samat National Sanctuary is now a Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (FTEZ), while Corregidor Island and Capas National Sanctuary in Tarlac are now considered to be redeveloped as part of the CELEBRATE in accordance with Republic Law No. 9395. On the other hand, the Sanctuary of Balete Pass in Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya; Kiangan National Shrine in Ifugao Province; and the Balantang National Shrine in Jaro, in the town of lloilo, are also emerging tourist destinations and future FTEZs.

The flagship programs of the Mount Samat National Sanctuary in Pilar, Bataan and the Corregidor Island Sanctuary in Cavite are designed to create an integrated tourist complex to accommodate the facilities and services of tourism businesses through historic restoration, heritage conservation and sustainable development. The nation can witness sacred places steeped in historical significance and world-class tourist attractions.

Other PVAO infrastructure projects, in particular the development of existing and new military sanctuaries such as the Battle of Lsing and Battle of P that are part of NEDA’s three-year rolling infrastructure program to ensure that financial support to these projects is appropriate within the framework of the national government program. Expense program.

All of these infrastructure projects are considered to be intangible components of the current administration’s “Build, Build Program”, which PVAO calls “Love for Country Builders”. Thus, PVAO takes the opportunity to promote its coherent Kagitingan infrastructures. with the objectives of “Chapter 7 of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022: Promoting the Culture and Values ​​of the Philippines. In addition to ports, bridges and dams that stimulate economic growth, PVAO views sanctuary development as an essential aspect of building that would foster and elevate the sense of national pride and nationalism among Filipinos.

With “Love for Country Builders”, we hope to prepare our young people as future defenders of the country, future leaders of our nation. It is essential that in shaping their character and shaping their leadership, they draw inspiration from the values ​​and ideals exemplified by our veterans. .

We are determined and inspired to continue our journey in the implementation of “Love for Country Builders” and we make sure to maintain our achievements of the past years, now focusing on the builders of Kagitingan as our vision and our common commitment with our partners. partners, stakeholders and the nation.

LtGen. Erneto G. Carolina AFP (retired) is the Administrator of the Philippine Veterans Office.



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