As a home to many diverse peoples and cultures, the United States seeks to use its cultural privileges to address and enact the past, present, and future.

NFT Museum – Seattle, Washington

Since its opening in January 2022, the NFT has been the Seattle NFT Museum of the Funky Token, considered the first art museum to exclusively exhibit this form of so-called blockchain art. As one of America’s cultural privileges, it ushered in a revolutionary new era in art history and established Seattle as a respectable center for innovative art and culture.

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Covering an area of ​​3,000 square meters, it features more than 30 individually designed screens, where visitors can enjoy digital works by local and international artists. Features include Los Angeles-based cryptocurrency artist Blake Catherine, Larva Labs’ most famous cryptopunk incarnations, and works by Seattle photographer Charles Peterson, his never-before-seen photos as NFTs by Nirvana and Kurt Cobain .

Black Holocaust Museum – Bronxville, Wisconsin

Milwaukee’s Bronzeville neighborhood is once again the center of African-American culture in the public eye. After closing for 14 years, in 1988 James Cameron’s Dr. The Black Holocaust Museum reopened.

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Covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters, visitors travel through African American history. From the 1910s through the 1950s, Bronzeville was one of the city’s most prosperous neighborhoods, with many black people owning businesses. However, as urban renewal projects wiped out black counties across the United States, many businesses disappeared from the urban scene targeted by new cultural concessions. As a result, Bronzeville is now receiving $400 million in redevelopment funds to help bring Milwaukee’s history and heritage to life.

Molina Family Latin Gallery – Washington DC

The Molina Family Latin Gallery, which opens in the spring of 2022, is the first gallery in the Smithsonian National Mall in the United States dedicated to Latin history. The exhibition will feature 4 Presente in a 4,500 square meter gallery! The Latin History of the United States opens.

Capitol in Washington, DC (c) Capital Region United States

The exhibition highlights the historical and cultural heritage of Latino Americans and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the subject in depth directly through digital stories, data carrier maps, videos and illustrated biographies.

Yosemite Climbing Museum and Gallery – Yosemite, CA

Visitors to Yosemite Maribosa County can enjoy the new highlight of local alpine culture at the Yosemite Climbing Association Museum and Gallery, opening in spring 2022.

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Yosemite National Park (c) pixabay

The center has more than 10,000 exhibits, including a priceless collection of historic climbing artifacts, stove hooks used during the first ascents of El Capitan’s Nose Path, and dozens of archival photographs that tell the story. of the area’s climbing community over the years.

Africa Town Heritage House – Africa Town, Alabama

The inner-city African community north of Mobile Downtown Alabama is one of America’s most treasured historic communities. The African City Heritage House will open in his memory in May 2022.

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Mobile Bay, Alabama (c) pixabay

The $1.3 million multi-sensitivity project is the only exhibit in the world to feature artifacts from the Clotilda Ruin discovered in 2018, bringing to life the stories of 110 slaves who came to the United States on board. A memorial garden with carefully selected ceramic sculptures by renowned artist Charles Smith will also be part of the complex.

Bob Dylan Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma

In May 2022, the highly anticipated Bob Dylan Center will open its doors to visitors and fans. The collection contains more than 100,000 items from the life of a famous singer-songwriter.

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Tulsa (c) Pixabe

This unique treasure trove of Dylan monuments will be the centerpiece of a new three-story gallery in Tulsa’s vibrant arts district that invites visitors to public events, concerts and lectures. It will be one of America’s most exciting new cultural offerings. The museum traces the life of Dylan, widely regarded as one of the greatest songwriters in history, through handwritten manuscripts and previously unreleased concert recordings.

Broadway Museum – New York, New York

Opened in summer 2022 in the dazzling setting of Times Square, the Broadway Museum pays homage to the first permanent museum dedicated to the Great White Way and its cultural heritage. The multi-story building is a mix of high-speed installations and traditional exhibits that tell the story of the legendary theater district from 1735 to contemporary theater productions such as Hamilton.

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New York, Broadway (c) pixabay

The project, which balances art and technology, is divided into three parts: Broadway Visual Timeline where viewers learn incredible musical stories such as Broadway Map Room, Hair and Rent with high-speed video predictions and why women are in tone for the early days. A behind-the-scenes exhibit of Broadway history and the making of the Broadway show, from set design to lighting.

San Francisco Institute of Contemporary Art – San Francisco, CA

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) will open in San Francisco in the fall of 2022. This contemporary art museum does not collect works of art, but rather focuses on the works of various artists. The exhibit will be split between emerging artists from the Bay Area and well-established local artists who are on the verge of national or global fame 50/50. International artists.

San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge (c) Pixabay

The 11,000 square meter warehouse attracts large-scale installations and works of extraordinary dimensions. By doing without purchase, you have to create a space that can react to this moment. Through this, exhibits of greater artistic relevance and significance are to be created.

International African American Museum – Charleston, South Carolina

Nearly half of all African slaves trafficked to the United States entered the country through Godstains Wharf in Charleston, where the International African American Museum is set to open in late 2022 to commemorate them. The stories published thus far of the dramatic journey of enslaved Africans to the United States are not told here.

Charleston (c) pixabay

Thematic priorities include African immigrant relations, the dissemination of African-American culture, and efforts for justice and equality. From digital elements to live performances, viewers learn about historical figures and events that span back to the beginning of slavery.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art – Los Angeles, CA

The 2023 billion-dollar Lucas Museum of Native Art is set to open Thursday in Los Angeles. It was founded by philanthropist and filmmaker George Lucas and his wife Melody Hopson, co-CEO and head of Ariel Investments.

Los Angeles (c) Ira Corelik/Pixabay

The museum houses an art collection of mass-produced paintings that illustrate the diversity and complexity of visual storytelling and represent America’s pioneering cultural heritage. The galleries will feature over 100,000 of the best and most popular works of art and select Star Wars exhibits from Lucas’ personal collection. The museum is home to state-of-the-art cinemas, multiple learning and experience rooms, lush spaces and restaurants.


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