A view of Al Rakiyat Fort.

Doha: The Architectural Conservation Department of Qatar Museums has completed the restoration project of the historic Al Rakiyat Fort in the northeast of the Qatar peninsula.

Following its commitment to preserve, restore and develop the country’s ancient architectural identity, the Qatar Museums Architectural Conservation Team has contributed to the achievement of a key aspect of Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

Historical sources place the origins of the fort between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Its unique local building style and historical integration into the country’s landscape has made Al Rakiyat (“the well” in Arabic) one of the oldest and most important forts in the Qatari desert.

Adel Abdullatif Al Moslamani, Director of Cultural Heritage Conservation at Qatar Museums, said: “As part of a concerted effort to safeguard our past for future generations, we have set out to give back to one of the of our country’s heritage to its former glory.

“Al Rakiyat Fort is a breathtaking relic of Qatar’s rich history where our ancestors guarded precious water resources for nearby coastal villages. In keeping with the century-old structure, our team has worked carefully to preserve and strengthen the original fort, allowing it to carry on the story of our past for decades to come.

Following its initial restoration in 1988, the archaeological site suffered environmental damage that impacted the structural elements of the historic building. The current restoration effort led by Qatar Museums has followed leading global conservation standards and restoration techniques, using traditional and authentic building materials. Restoration work focused on the main structural elements of the building, including plaster, flooring, installation of a wooden ceiling, doors and pest control.

Heritage preservation is a central part of Qatar’s national effort for economic, human, social and environmental development, recognizing that all forward-looking progress must be informed by Arab and Islamic values ​​and identity. distinctive of the country. Al Rakiyat Fort is now an enduring landmark of Qatar’s cultural identity, giving future generations an important insight into defense architecture.


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