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Visitors view a train at the California State Railroad Museum on Museum Day 2015.

California State Railroad Museum

Museums and parks in the Sacramento area saw an increase in foot traffic in March compared to the previous month, according to points of interest data.

Sacramento tourist spots first saw a sharp drop in foot traffic in January, which continued to decline 5% in February, according to data collection service Safe Graph. But from February to March, foot traffic at these sites increased by 19 percentage points.

Tourist attractions include museums, natural parks, historical sites, zoos and botanical gardens, depending on the visualization. A visit is defined as staying on site for more than four minutes.

Use the interactive chart below to compare cities around Sacramento and in the Capital Region:

Some examples of tourist attractions in the California capital include the California State Railroad Museum, the Crocker Art Museum and the California State Capitol Museum. All of these sites are suitable for families.

The most recently updated data reflects similar frequency levels to before the pandemic began. In Sacramento, foot traffic is up 3% from January 2020.

Other towns in the region have followed much the same trend in terms of foot traffic at tourist attractions, as well as attendance at bars and restaurants.

After a significant decline at the start of the year, foot traffic at Sacramento food establishments in March increased 11 percentage points from the previous month.

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