An exhibition featuring jade and gold carvings that began on December 12 at the Bowers Museum continues through May 30, with virtual tours scheduled for early 2021.

“Treasures in Gold & Jade: Masterworks from Taiwan”, presents the sculptures of two artists based in Taiwan, Wu Ching and Huang Fu-shou.

Huang Fu-shou’s “Jump” is featured in an exhibition at the Bowers Museum in cooperation with the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, a branch of the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

(Courtesy of Huang Fu-shou)

The exhibition is described as “two mediums, two artists and a series of cycles constantly alternating between binaries like death and rebirth”.

Ching exhibits 17 gold sculptures. One play, “Reminiscences of Rustic Pleasures”, showing more than 500 golden ants and various insects, lasted three years. There are also 27 jade sculptures by Fu-Shou of fish and insects in the wild. Poems written by the artist accompany each work.

A special team from Taiwan traveled to set up the delicate exhibits, some of which can be seen in the digital exhibition guide. Pre-recorded virtual tours are scheduled throughout the month of January.

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What: Virtual tour of “Treasures of Gold and Jade: Masterpieces of Taiwan”
When: January 3, 4, 14, 15, 20, 21, 24
Where: online in a pre-recorded presentation
Cost: general $ 10, members $ 5

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