The St. George Art Museum pays tribute to its first director, Glen Blakley, with an exhibition dedicated to his art and his legacy in St. George.

Blakley died in 2021, but is remembered in the community for his involvement in the ceramics community and as the first director of the St. George Art Festival. He was also a professor at Dixie State University.

“The show really highlights what a jack-of-all-trades artist he was, you know, he was the photographer. Ceramist and painter. And he also danced, we have video of him tap dancing and a recital dance,” said Natalie Gula, trustee of the St. George Art Museum.

Several of the pieces were donated by Blakley’s widow, Catherine, along with pieces the museum owned. There are 34 pieces of Blakley art on display. Community members also have the opportunity to share works of art or memories of him through photographs or by writing on the memory board that was set up during the exhibition.

“It just started with some photos from his Facebook page. But we welcome the community to bring their own photos that they have of themselves with Glen or just bump them in or they can always send photos to our museum, via email, then we can print them out and display them on the board. So it’s an interactive part of the show for the community,” Gula said.

The Glen Blakley Retrospective will be on view January 15 through April 30, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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This article originally appeared on St. George Spectrum & Daily News: St. George residents celebrate Glen Blakley through his art


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